The general idea of this media project focuses on the feelings and imaginative responses engendered by industrial icons in the landscape. It started in 2003 when I went to Texas to film a few oil pumps still working in the Houston surroundings. In contrasto, I took some footage of a wind turbine plant once located in the Apennines mountains in north Italy. The plant was a EU old experiment which has now been dismantled.   
The title Wolf Chaser is after a piece composed by the American composer, Eve Beglarian:

"In the early summer of 1995, the violinist Robin Lorentz gave me a wolf chaser ― a tool made of whale baleen for scaring wolves in the Arctic. It had been a gift, in turn, from the man who made it, James Nageak. I sampled the wolf chaser and made a recording that slowed the sound down so far that you can HEAR the sampling rate as a rhythm (sort of the audio analog to the jaggies you see when displaying curves at low resolution on a computer.) That recording is the bed for this piece for acoustic wolf chaser, amplified and processed scordatura violin, and optional metallic percussion. In 2008, Vittoria Chierici (with editor Phil Hartley) made a video to accompany live performances of the piece." (Eve Beglarian, see LINK)

See VIDEO violinist Robin Lorentz

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