Painting - dancing has been one of my most challanging project. It all started when I met contemporary dancer and coreographer Liz Gerring in New York who gave me the great opportunity to follow her dance company rehearsals, since 2006. A year later, I did a few works on paper and canvas after watching movements and poses of the dancers. Since 2009, I have started a collaboration with Liz Gerring Dance Compamy when I designed the set for Montauk,  a new coreography premiered at the Baryshnikov Art Center in New York, on February 5th.

"Italian visual artist Vittoria Chierici, having photographed rehearsals for over a year, choose a quintessential moment in the dance to document & alter - three dancers walking backward in a line - the images of the dancers themselves creating an additional physical dimension, as set design, in her photo-based panels. Portland based composer Seth Nehil's six speaker electronic score provided a spacious sonic environment; a parallel layer to the performance." See LINK

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