The Battaglia di Anghiari of Vittoria Chierici by Dario Trento: " In undertaking an integral reconstruction of the Battaglia di Anghiari, has Chierici therefore put herself in the condition of creating a fake? ( or at any rate an unjust operation?...Even so, the current work is not unjust forced for two reasons: because of its impact on the mythic - poetic wake of the Leonardesque work, and because, thanks to her very individual instruments, she manages to highlight structures and otherwise elusive schemes in the Leonardesque fragments." Battaglie, p.37, Skira', Milano 2003.

Florence, 1503: after the Medici had been defeated, Gonfaloniere Pier Soderini, the new leader of the republicans, asked Leonardo da Vinci and other great artists, including Michelangelo, to decorate the Palazzo Vecchio’s Sala del Consiglio.
Leonardo’s Battle of Anghiari depicted the victory of the Florentines over the Milanese on June 29th, 1440; a battle fought around the citadel of Anghiari, near Arezzo. It is believed that Leonardo’s masterpiece had been partially painted on the east wall of the large Sala del Consiglio, but it has never been found.  For centuries, painters copied from  Leonardo's sketches and drawings and all these copies still constitute a visual referent to remember the lost Leonardo's mural through centuries.

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