Palazzo della Battaglia - Museum of the Battle, The Missing Leonardo, Anghiari, Arezzo, Italy, 2000, see PDF ( The Missing Leonardo 2000), also two links 1, 2

Studio Mascarella art gallery, 7 Hypothesis on the Battle of Anghiari, Bologna, Italy, 2001

Italian Cultural Institute of New York, The Missing Leonardo, New York, 2003.
See invitation of this show in file titled, show at IIC 2003, JPG and LINK

Palazzo di Parte Guelfa, Vittoria Chierici and The Ghost of Anghiari, Florence, Italy, 2005.
See photo of installation in JPG.

Esso Gallery, The Missing Da Vinci of the Battle of Anghiari, New York, 2005.
See poster in JPG, Esso gallery poster and 2 links1, 2

Italian Cultural Institute of Vancouver, The Missing Leonardo, Vancouver, Canada, 2005. See LINK

Italian Cultural Institute of Chicago, The Missing Leonardo, Chicago, 2006.
See invitation in JPG and link 1, 2

Contemporary Art Collection of the Repubblic of San Marino,  Presentation of  Anghiari Blu,  Repubblic of San Marino, 2008. See file in JPG, San Marino 3, installation and presentation.

Humanities Initiative, New York University, Anghiari Verde, New York , 2009.
See file Anghiari Verde all'NYU in jpg. See also NYU - poster, also LINK.

Tate Modern, No Soul for Sale, London, 2010.
See files in jpg, Tate Modern 1 and Tate Modern 2. See also LINK

Department of Art and Archeology, Anghiari Yellow and Blue, lecture by Prof Martin Kemp: It doesn't look like Leonardo,  Princeton University, 2013. link 1, 2

On the Relativity of distance ( and some of its consequences): American and Italian Art, 1963-2013. The National Academy, New York 2013. See PDF