siamotuttileoanrdo 23 ottobre

Dedalus- gum print

Triulzi, near Milano in Italy.
On April 10th at 9 PM

Vetrine di Libertà - La Libreria
delle donne di Milano


Quoddy Tides, issued on
January 11 2019.

Verso il Cielo (Hypatia);
mixed media on canvas,
cm 115 x 400.
New York 2017 - 2018.

FiveMyles gallery, Brooklyn,
opening on October 27, 6 PM

My painting, Nanny at
Fondation Rilke in Sierre (CH)


I Vestiti dei Filosofi

curated by Filippo Fossati
ESSO gallery New York

the School of Athens by
Raffaello Sanzio: I Vestiti
dei Filosofi (Philosopher's Clothes)


Fondation Rainer Maria Rilke,
Sierre, CH

G7 Ambiente Bologna
venerdì 26 maggio 2017
sede Azimut Bologna

Some paintings of my project
on Rilke's Les Roses on view
for the centenary of the Romano': 
an old company trading luxury
flowers in Bologna,
vicolo Fantuzzi 3.


Group show at
Alberto Mugnaini Studio


Montauk, a collaboration with
Liz Gerring

Senza Titolo, 1990, will be
on view at Palazzo della Ragione
Manotva, Italy

Sketches from the Atlantic
Ocean shores
during my
journeys in Iceland- Pinacoteque
of Ruffano
(Lecce - Italy)

Spoonbill & Sugartown on
Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg,

Spoonbill & Sugartown on
Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg,

Libreria Parolini, Bologna

Libreria Delle Donne, Milano

Pix from Fruit  international
publishers exhibition in Bologna

Voglio viaggiare su una Nave
per Dipingere il Mare/Sailing
away to Paint the Sea

The Rusking School of Art,
Oxford University, UK

Photos of the show IO e TE with
Armando Fontana, Pratovecchio,
Italy, until Sept 13th

Sammezzano castle and its park

Sammezzano interior

IO E TE, Hymmo Art Lab

students from Skagastrond

Il Mare di Melville n°6

a trip to the underworld…

Greetings from Iceland
(Saluti dall'Islanda)

Studio for Anghiari
with a Rainbow

Krammer edizioni presenta

27 settembre 2014 ore 18
Elio Talon Art Studio
via Massarenti 124 Bologna

Aftermath is available on Amazon
In Euros

"Anghiari Giallo" at the
National Academy Museum
in New York.


Ex Lanificio di Stia

inaugurazione 11 ottobre ore17

fino al 9 novembre 2014

vittoria chierici - paolo fabiani -
armando fontana - federico fusi -
saverio mercati - fabrizio modesti -
marco neri - luca pancrazzi -
gianluca sgherri - andrea santarlasci

a cura di Luca Grisolini

ente organizzatore: PRO STIA

con il patrocinio di:
Comune di Pratovecchio Stia.

Bologna. 6 sept 2014

drawing at the pirate table

Nagià Grom Photo by Sergio Buono

Nagià Grom video installation inside
the Nagia' Grom World War 1
trench, near Rovereto, Italy

Kammer #1   Disagio, estinzione
e ricerca | Crisis, extintion and

LGDC  studio 3

Artist Residency in Skagastrond,
in Northwest Iceland

Kits, detail, 1999, oil and acrylics,
digital airbrush on canvas.
GNAM, National Gallery, Rome, Italy.

Inventario #8, an article
about Hands by F. M. Cataluccio.

Juliet Art Magazine  # 165,
article of Emanuela Zanon

Nadia Cavalera presenting Premio
and my painting Madonna
Rossa, to be consigned to this
year winner Mrs Giusi Nicolini,
mayor of Lampedusa.

Madonna rossa, cm 72 x 70,
acrilico su tela, 2002.

New location for my large painting
cm 300 x 600 / in 87 x 244.
at the Museo della Battaglia,
Anghiari, Arezzo, Italy

Spazio 522, New York.
October 24, Emphatism

A quite large studio of Galla
Placidia Stars
at my cousin
apartment in  Bologna, Italy.


With Prof.J. Tylus class at
Humanities Initiative, New York
University, Sept. 12th 2013.


Davanti ad Anghiari


Disegno per l'articolo di
Inventario 7 di Marco Manini


Voglio viaggiare


Mostra da Marianne Boetsky


Estate, da Marianne Boetsky


My painting being presented
by Prof. M. Kemp, Princeton
University, April 2013


Interior with my painting
Anghiari Carousel.


Anghiari at Kirk's summer house.

NY Times May 21, 2021 Vittoria Chierici painting PDF
and LINK

Dear Friends,
Some of my studies from my project, the Philosophers' Clothes, will be at the Art Basel HK 2021 in a group show: Italians. An opportunity to announce my solo show at the Rossi&Rossi gallery in October 2021 curated by filippo Fossati and Esso gallery with the collaboration of the Italian Institute of Culture in Hong Kong.
"ITALIANS will feature high quality works from all the participating galleries to celebrate the wide range of Italian artistic production. The selection will include Italian classics such as Giorgio Morandi, Lucio Fontana, Michelangelo Pistoletto, Giulio Paolini and Giovanni Anselmo...Paola Pivi and Francesco Vezzoli. Works in various media by Getulio Alviani, Massimo Antonaci, Bertozzi & Casoni, Alberto Biasi, Agostino Bonalumi, Vittoria Chierici, Lara Favaretto, Martino Gamper, Gian Marco Montesano, Luigi Ontani, Serse and Elisa Sighicelli will be on view."

Art Basel Hong Kong 2021
Booth No: 1D28
Date: 19 and 20 May, 2021 (VIP Preview)
21 to 23 May, 2021 (Public Viewing)
Venue: Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Dear friends I am still in Eastport, Maine due to the pandemic. Artist Anne Hopikns very kindly has invited me to talk about my work within her workshop In The Studio. This art talk will be performed on Zoom on Dec 4 at 9 AM ( US ET) and here is the link to Zoom if any of you would like to be connected

Meeting ID: 456 676 0909

Passcode: Yes!

LAZARUS. Art is Alive

When the coronavirus outbreak brought international travel to a near standstill, Italian artist Vittoria Chierici reconsidered where she would ride out the pandemic.

The Commons Eastport is pleased to present:

What did Leonardo look like? A show by artist Vittoria Chierici.

Eastport’s own Italian artist, Vittoria Chierici, has painted a series of portraits that show what Leonardo might have looked like when he was young.  

"My project on Leonardo is not a portrait but the search for a character, a nuance, a look, a color of personality. The traits are individual, intercepted methodically, of the young Da Vinci but even more individual - and in common with him - is the interpretation of life with that curiosity of the artist, the scientist, the free spirit. He is not a man, she is not a woman as in the androgynous artistic research of the Leonardo school. And you, why don't you adopt your Leonardo, the one you recognize yourself in?".( V Chierici , 2019).

Actual Paintings will be on view at 49 Water Street, Eastport Maine, from August 1 to August 31. 

Votes can be made there when the show is open.

The artist will be present at #49 at certain times in August to talk about her work — under the distancing/masking guidelines.

Check at The Commons #51 Water Street, or see information on the #49 Water Street door for viewing times.

Documento video L'Altro Leonardo,
Performance all'Ex Fornace di Milano
19 Giugno 2019 con Paolo Rumi e Giovanni Dall'Orto.
Evento satellite di " Milano e 50 anni di movimento LGBT*"

ArtWalk Continues
: Map and Gallery Updated; Featured Artist:

Dear friends, a smart way of showing our works in the COVID time. Local artists and organizers Anne Shields Hopkins and Joan Lowden, in association with the Eastport Arts Center, Eastport Gallery and Tides Institute, are proud to introduce the Eastport ArtWalk Map on April 24th. The Eastport ArtWalk Map is a self-guided map showing locations of street level window galleries, both private and business, around town. Enjoy the natural beauty beginning to bloom along with the artworks in windows around town while practicing safe physical distancing of six feet or more. The map is available for download on our Facebook page and will be continuously updated as more window galleries are added:

“It is in the thick of calamity that one gets hardened to the truth – in other words, to silence.” Albert Camus, wrote in his book, Le Plague,1947.

Oggi e’ il 19 Marzo 2020. Festa di San Giuseppe. Tra oggi e domani inizia la primavera. Una strana, contagiosa e malata primavera. Riapro questo blog perche’….non ci si deve fermare mai.

A  film of my lecture (in Italian), at the European Institute of Design ( IED), last October 2019 has been published on youtube. The subject is about my idea of Leonardo da Vinci as a young man. This project, siamotuttileonardo  will continue at the World Pride 2020 in Milano next summer.
IED 1 Prima Parte

IED 2 Seconda parte

Dear friends here is a clue to an art book called, in Italian, un solo movimento/ a single movement: a commission from the Fine Art Academy of Palermo, Sicily. It is a scrap book after Become Ocean by composer John Luther Adams.

L'artista Vittoria Chierici sarà ospite di #IEDMilano per la performance "Siamotuttileonardo", nata dal progetto che l'ha portata a ricostruire un ritratto del Maestro toscano da giovane, ben diverso dalle raffigurazioni cui siamo abituati, che mostrano un austero Leonardo Da Vinci in età avanzata: una Masterclass per scoprire come Arte e Tecnologia possano fondersi per dare vita a un Leonardo partecipativo, attivo e sorridente. Appuntamento il 23 ottobre in Aula S10, ti aspettiamo!

A presentation of WeAreLeonardo [SiamoTuttiLeonardo], a project by Italian mixed-media artist Vittoria Chierici focused on visually portraying Leonardo Da Vinci as a young man, on the occasion of the 500th anniversary of his death.
Chierici will take the audience on a journey by virtually leaping into her photojournalistic suitcase, the final work that contains the full development of her research. A time-lapse film will accompany the presentation.
The event will feature a talk by Prof. Dennis Geronimus, Chair of the NYU Department of Art History, titled In Leonardo's Own Words (and Images): A Portrait of an Artist as a Young Man.
Chierici's works will be introduced by curator Jennifer Bacon, art advisor and founder of Esso Gallery.
The purpose of SiamoTuttiLeonardo is to place the figure of Leonardo in a current setting, one of a young man, a free spirit with a life view based on observation that - through art - becomes science and poetry at the same time. To obtain this, Chierici turned to the well known portrait of Leonardo as an old man - attributed to his pupil Francesco Melzi - from the Royal Collection in London, taking into account the many possible appearances of a young Leonardo as model to works by his colleagues and teachers.

"Ci interessa l’esatto contrario del Leonardo Da Vinci  convenzionale, il “genio” valorizzato con effetti speciali nel 500° dalla scomparsa per ogni tema. Vogliamo cercare di tracciare un ritratto, il carattere di giovane uomo. Leonardo, spirito libero." Paolo Rumi

"We focus on the opposite of the conventional Leonardo da Vinci, the “genius” confidently celebrated (and neutralized) with special effects in the 500th anniversary of his death. We would like to fix –with images and words – another person, another portrait: the personality of a young man. We see Leonardo as a free spirit." Paolo Rumi - Translation by Clint Padgitt.

Ex Fornace,
Alzaia Naviglio Pavese 16, Milano                           

19 Giugno 2019, ore 18.30 - June 19, 2019 at 6:30 PM.  
Milano and 50 years of LGBT* movement

Giovanni Dall’Orto, historian, will introduce the cultural and social dynamics of the time in which Leonardo lived. Vittoria Chierici will show some art works and explain the process and method of her work. The connection with Leonardo’s 500th anniversary is a tribute and a recognition of his influence. Paolo Rumi, cultural commentator, will underscore the connections. Leonardo in Milan is a key part of  a contemporary discussion of identity and gender issues.

Si ringrazia Fabio Pellegatta, presidente CIG Argigay Milano.
Many thanks to Fabio Pellegatta, president of CIG Arcigay Milano.

L'altro Leonardo / The Different Leonardo is an idea of Vittoria Chierici and Paolo Rumi. It is part of the project Dedalus by Vittoria Chierici © 2018,  with the help of: Rashwan Abdelbek for EFA R. Blackburne lab New York, serigrafie - silkscreens. Sergio Buono, digital rendering / elapsed time films. Roberto Lagrasta, gum prints. Lidia Marino, testi - texts.Yari Miele, cornici, frames. Paolo Nava, digital prints. Charles Vincent Sabba, artista forense, forensic artist. Mustapha Yousri, performer.
Welcome to Locate di Triulzi, near Milano in Italy. On April 10th at 9 PM, I will talk about my journey studying Leonardo da Vinci portrait. The lecture will be presented in the beautiful Palazzo Trivulzio
I thank the University UNI3,  Dott.ssa Giovanna Chierici, the cultural attache' Mr Maurizio Dones and the mayor Mr Davide Serrano.

"Trovo giusto il discorso che hai fatto: sei partita da qualcosa che non c’è, il ritratto di Leonardo giovane (perché tutti i ritratti esistenti sono di Leo vecchio e tutti falsi o quasi), di vero c’è solo il profilo di Windsor. Ed è questo ‘intrigo’ che è stata la molla iniziale del tuo lavoro (assenza, mistero, falso di un artista ‘geniale’ e ‘vanesio’ ).
E’ il giovane Leonardo? Di certo è di un giovane. Direi 'Ritratto di un artista, da giovane". Indagine (o ricognizione) sul volto di Leonardo'. (puoi aggiungere, se vuoi, Prime ipotesi)". ( P.Alferj )

I invite you to Vetrine di Libertà - La Libreria delle donne di Milano.(“Windows of Freedom – the Women’s Bookshop of Milan, yesterday, today”), a leading art exhibition curated by Francesca Pasini at La Fabbrica del Vapore, Procaccini 4, Milano, Italy. The exhibition will open on April 1th at 6:30 PM and close on June 6th, 2019.

Here is a very good article about my work and life written by Lora Whelan for the Quoddy Tides, issued on January 11 2019. The Quoddy Times is  a newspaper published in Maine. The first issue was printed on November 29, 1968. The paper covers news in the Washington county region. It is the most easterly published newspaper in the US

Artist Talk with Vittoria Chierici

Moderated by Jennifer Bacon, curator
Sunday, December 9, 4pm
Join us for an afternoon conversation with Italian artist Vittoria Chierici, whose work, a series of paintings in conversation with Raphael’s fresco “The School of Athens”, is currently exhibited at FiveMyles. Chierici’s work is informed by a deep knowledge of art history. With Raphael’s fresco as an object of study, she has set off to question the fresco’s visual structure, to identify the represented characters, imagine their conversations, and ultimately deconstruct and reconstruct the work itself. The result is a fascinating series of paintings on unprimed cotton canvas that pull the elements of Raphael’s work towards abstraction and compositions personal to the artist. During her talk, Vittoria Chierici will discuss her process, her relationship with the act of painting and with the history of art, and the idea of the American painter, from the point of view of a relentlessly traveling artist.
Exhibition On View: October 27 - December 29, 2018 Gallery Hours: Thu. thru Sun., 1-6pm
More information about the exhibition HERE.

Verso il Cielo ( To the Sky ) is an idealistic portrait of Hypatia,  a mixed media painting and collage on row canvas which will be presented on November 7 - 2018, at 6PM,  by art curator Francesca Pasini at the Libreria delle Donne, via Pietro Calvi 29, Milan, Italy.
The painting will be exhibited in the front window of the store for one month. The Libreria delle Donne (Women's book store) is an association composed of founders of the Italian feminist movement.
The character of Hypatia is in my project: The Philosophers' Clothes, New York 2016.
Hypatia might have been metaphorical represented by Raphael in his fresco: The School of Athens.

My next solo exhibition will be in NYC, at FiveMyles gallery, Brooklyn, opening on October 27, 6 PM and closing on December 29th, 2018 LINK

Dear friends,
Rainer Maria Rilke's  Festival "Lettre de Soie" will take place in Mase, Hérens valley, near Sierre, Switzerland, on the 12th  13th and 14th of October 2018, while the art exhibition will be on view until January 13th 2019.
Invited by Brigitte Duvillard, the Conservatrice of Fondation Rilke, I had the opportunity to reinvent a portrait of Nanny Wunderly-Volkart, whose correspondance to Rilke is the subject of the exhibition at the Galerie de L'Ecurie des Chevres, in Mase, CH.

From the contemporary art scene a pianting by Vittoria Chierici to celebrate The School of the World.

Preview of my new project after the fresco, the School of Athens by Raffaello Sanzio: I Vestiti dei Filosofi (Philosopher's Clothes) in Turin, on November 4th, 2017; during the art fair, Artissima and in the occasion of Maurizio Pellegrin's film premiere: It's a Jungle Out there.

Fondation Rainer Maria Rilke, Sierre, CH
" Cara Vittoria, Très belle, ta rose rose dans notre exposition permanente, dans la salle des poèmes en langue française ! "
Brigitte Duvillard, curator

Dear friends, My book: Montauk, a collaboration with choreographer Liz Gerring, edited by Andres David Carrara and published by GLI INTROVABILI is now available at:

The New York Public Library for the Performing Arts, Jerome Robbins Dance Division

40 Lincoln Center Plaza, New York, NY 10023

The public library of the Italian Cultural Institute of New York
686 Park Avenue, New York 10021

The archive of Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival
358 George Carter Road, Becket, MA 01223

The NYU Art History Department
100 Washington Square East Silver Center, New York, NY 10003

Group show at Alberto Mugnaini Studio, Milano, Italy organized by Alberto Mugnaini and Yari Miele, presented by Corrado Levi.

A new opportunity for WAW - Women Artist of the World, to present their works published on ALFABETA2 /Almanacco. The meeting will be in Milano, Italy, on the 25th of January at Mudima Foundation. via Tadino 26.

"Il 25 gennaio Vi aspettiamo con WAW e Almanacco alla Fondazione Mudima,via Tadino 26, Milano.
WAW - l'acronimo di Women Artist of the Worldè una sorta di piattaforma aperta di opere di artiste che nasce insinuandosi tra gli articoli dell'Almanacco 2016. Quest'anno, il progetto iconografico associa l'immaginario femminile ai recenti fatti politico-sociali per aprire la visione altri orizzonti, diversi dall'immaginario bellico e di potere (bombe, attentati, minacce dei governi, pubblicità) interamente orchestrati al maschile. Abbiamo deciso di invitare oltre cento artiste provenienti dal mondo con l'intento di moltiplicarne le presenze in progetti futuri. La raccolta di immagini non è pensata in termini gerarchici ma come riconoscimento orizzontale del lavoro di artiste vicine a una visione sociale e attiva dell'arte. Se il racconto femminile fatto per immagini si sta diffondendo in tutto il globo, anche il mercato ha cominciato, con fatica, a considerare e investire sulle donne. Nella scelta abbiamo cercato di rispettare la pluralità dei linguaggi legati a politica, quotidianità, identità, spiritualità, cura. Magicamente le foto si sono integrate ai testi come ne fossero emanazione, pur non essendoci relazione a priori tra le parole e le immagini. WAW dichiara l'urgenza di riequilibrare i rapporti tra maschile e femminile, è l'allarme lanciato all'umanità affinché maschi e femmine rinuncino alla strenua difesa della propria appartenenza dicotomica per creare alleanza e cooperazione. E' la sollecitazione a un'analisi sulla necessità di non sentirsi più separati perché è impensabile, se non a costo di una mutilazione, che in un corpo vi sia un solo occhio, una sola mano, una sola gamba anziché due".
Manuela Gandini Francesca Pasini

A new book which will be soon on paper: Montauk, a collaboration with Liz Gerring. It all started when I met contemporary dancer and choreographer Liz Gerring in New York who gave me the great opportunity to follow her dance company rehearsals, since 2006.

Group show at Sla307 gallery at 307West 30th Street, NYC. Opening Dec. 9 2016


On Novembre 5th a large paintings Senza Titolo, 1990, will be on view at Palazzo della Ragione Manotva, Italy.
In occasione di Mantova Capitale della Cultura italiana 2016, la Cgil Nazionale, la Cgil Lombardia e la Camera del Lavoro di Mantova, promuovono una grande mostra dal titolo «Artiste al lavoro. Il lavoro delle donne. Capolavori dalle raccolte d’arte della Cgil», allestita nel Palazzo della Ragione.

Sketches from the Atlantic Ocean shores
during my journeys in Iceland and Maine in  2015 showing in a solo exhibition opening on October 6th and closing on December 22nd 2016, at the Pinacoteque of Ruffano, near Lecce in Puglia, Italy. You are welcome  to see this wonderful land.

Il 6 ottobre 2016 la Pinacoteca comunale di Ruffano inaugura la mostra Il Mare con le opere della bolognese Vittoria Chierici, artista visiva, attiva tra la sua città natale, Milano e New York. Con lei dialogherà Patrizia Dal Maso, docente di Storia dell'arte dell'Accademia di Belle Arti di Lecce. Saranno esposte opere che la Chierici ha creato durante i suoi viaggi nel Nord dell'Atlantico, in Islanda, di fronte al mare della Groenlandia e al Nord dello stato americano del Maine. Per l'artista il mare è "un concetto simbolico e vuol dire prendersi delle libertà […]". Le sue opere "sono caratterizzate dal movimento, che è la conseguenza della sua vitalissima irrequietezza e curiosità, ma anche il risultato di un profondo rapporto con l'arte del movimento per eccellenza: il cinema, da lei sempre amato, studiato e praticato […]. Ci troviamo cosi di fronte a opere che svelano, in presa diretta ma anche con l'aiuto dei ricordi, una sorte di animismo che domina la realtà, e che l'arte tenta di svelare" (F.M. Cataluccio). Dice Vittoria Chierici: "Il mio lavoro d'artista si è maturato in un rapporto nomadico con la realtà. Vuol dire viaggiare, filmare, fotografare e dipingere. Nei miei lavori uso tre tecniche, la pittura, il disegno e il video che si uniscono nel ritmo e nel movimento". La mostra rimarrà aperta dal 6 ottobre 2016 al 22 dicembre 2016, presso la Pinacoteca Comunale di Ruffano in Piazza della Libertà, tutti i pomeriggi dalle ore 16.00 alle 19.00, il lunedì, il mercoledì e il venerdì dalle 9.00 alle 12.00 e il sabato e domenica dalle 16.30 alle 18.30 (tel. 389 0945405). pdf



Via Palestro, 8 (accanto al PAC), Milano

Mostra delle opere di Vittoria Chierici ispirate a Le Rose di Rainer Maria Rilke

Rilke volle che sulla sua tomba venisse inciso un enigmatico elogio del suo fiore preferito:

Rosa, contraddizione pura, voglia

di essere il sonno di nessuno

sotto tante palpebre.

Alle rose dedicò anche la sua ultima raccolta di 24 poesie scritte in francese: Les Roses (Le Rose, trad. di Sabrina Mori Carmignani, Passigli, Firenze 2010).
L'artista Vittoria Chierici ha dipinto 24 tavole per ciascuna di esse e ha girato un video dove le immagini e i colori mutano.
Queste opere verranno esposte all'aperto, in un solo pomeriggio, nel Giardino delle Arti di Via Palestro, con lettura delle poesie di Rilke e proiezione del filmato realizzato dalla stessa artista.

A few copies of my book Sailing away to Paint the Sea at Spoonbill & Sugartown on Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.


Cari amici , alcune copie del mio libro sul progetto: Voglio Viaggiare su una Nave per Dipingere il Mare/Sailing away to Paint the Sea sono disponibili alla storica Libreria Parolini, in via de' Gombruti 3, Bologna.
Telefono 051226542. Orari di apertura dal Lunedi al Venerdi : dalle ore 09:00 alle ore 13:00. Sabato chiuso
I films che ricordano il mio progetto:
Sailing Away To Paint The Sea
The Great Circle
Hands in Blue 01


Pix from Fruit  international publishers exhibition in Bologna, January 29 - 31 2016, where I  presented my two books, Aftermath and Sailing away to Paint the Sea.


Hi there,
I thank Kammeredizioni for having supported my book: Voglio viaggiare su una Nave per Dipingere il Mare/ Sailing away to Paint the Sea, after an art project started in 2012. Grateful to artist Andres David Carrara who "constructed" the book, I will present it in Bologna during Fruit, a book fair, on January 29th 2016, as a not for sale first edition, together with Aftermath, my old - new text on contemporary art beautifully published by Kammeredizioni 2015. Please follow this new Italian publisher. They have wonderful poets and high quality artists books. Thank you Fabio Polvani and all his friends: kammer edizioni


On September 2015, Vittoria Chierici attended two short courses at The Rusking School of Art, Oxford University, UK:  Art & Anatomy taught by the superb Artist and Drawing Artist, Dr. Sarah Simblet, and Head and Neck ( Portraiture) Anatomy,  taught by an extraordinary Eleanor Crook, Sculptor and Medical Artist.

Io e Te (You and I) is a series of art events organized in Tuscany, Italy.
I will join Armando Fontana at Hymno Art Lab, in Pratovecchio, near Arezzo with a film and some drawings documenting the extravagant, oriental architecture of  Sammezzano castle and its park with Californian sequoias... a few miles from Florence! Opening Aug 1 at 6 PM. The show will be up to Sept 13.


August 2nd 2015, opening at the Hymmo Art Lab, Pratovecchio, Tuscany.


May 1st 2015. My film based on Michael Vincent Waller music : Tacca Prima from his new CD The South Shore,  has been published on the Williamsburg Greenpoint News+Arts magazine. LINK


On April 28st 2015, in Bologna Italy, Professor Marco Trigari, has invited me to present  art works and impressions after my experience in North West Iceland on winter 2015 to the students of the High School for the arts, Francesco Arcangeli.

I will also give a brief lecture presenting the project INDEPENDENT PEOPLE born to connect some schools in Italy with the students from Skagastrond. Here is the link to the Face Book private group, Independent People: facebook


Here is my journal after my project Sailing away to Paint the Sea, published on the Gonzaga University magazine, Voyages Journal with the  contribution of Gabriela Dragnea Horvath. LINK
A special thank to Emanuela Zanon, who first edited my text. 


Katabasi: a trip to the underworld…
… up North to Skagaströnd, a remote fishing town in the North Fjords. A pit stop on the Atlantic Ocean route, after my project Sailing away to Paint the Sea.
Some pix:
A time to start writing a blog (in English and Italian) connecting the local students of  Skagastrond - 498 inhabitanst, to their mates of three Italian high schools in Arezzo, Bologna and Pontremoli (Massa Carrara). BLOG
A time to sketch out the light dramatically changing over the Ocean and fjords of the North West Peninsula. One of these sketches will be featured in the group show, PLAID,  on view at the National Arts Club from March 3  to 27 (Opening reception on March 4, 6- 8 PM at 15 Gramercy Park, New York).
A time for shooting more of the Ocean, adding light to a short digital film granting the music of my young friend, composer Micheal Vincent Waller.
This film will be premiered at Michael's new CD release on March 18 in New York (  Phill Niblock loft,  224 Centre Street, at 9 PM).


January - March 2015. Dear friends, from now on, I will work and live in a magic place, up to North West Iceland as being part of the NES Artists Residency. If any of you would like to follow me in this adventure, please  feel free to reply to my journal: Greetings from Iceland (Saluti dall'Islanda).
Cari amici, per un po' di tempo vivro' al Nord Ovest dell'Islanda sul mare, quasi al 66 esimo parallelo, in una comunita' di artisti che appartiene, tra l'altro, al Nordic - Baltic Network of RemoteArtist Residencies.
E' la continuazione dei miei viaggi sulle rotte dell'Atalntico e quindi un piccolo ulteriore sviluppo al lavoro sul "mare". Potete comunicare con me come faranno i ragazzi di tre scuole medie italiane, grazie al blog dal titolo: Greetings from Iceland (Saluti dall'Islanda).
Some pix :


Studio for Anghiari with a Rainbow will be on view from January 5th to 31st 2015 at the art show: OUTSIDE THE LINES / Modernist Drawings
Gregg and Trask Galleries / The National Arts Club, 15 Gramercy Park S, New York, NY 10003. PDF

December 10, 2014, 6:30 - 8 PM
The Influence of Classical Themes in Today’s Art
Moderator David Shapiro will be joined by artists Barry X Ball, Vittoria Chierici and Philip Haas to discuss the theme of classicism in their work in conjunction with the exhibition Beyond the Classical: Imagining the Ideal Across Time. LINK

October 10 2014,  presentation of my work on the Battle of Anghiari at the Public Humanities meeting, New York University, Villa La Pietra, Florence, Italy. PDF


October 2nd, 2014 January 11, 2015 11AM - 6PM.
Beyond the Classical: Imagining the Ideal Across Time

"Anghiari Giallo" at the National Academy Museum in New York.

The National Academy Museum is pleased to present Beyond the Classical: Imagining The Ideal Across Time, which features 19th-and early 20th-century works from the Academy’s permanent collection, including works by Edwin Blashfield, Asher B. Durand, George Lober, and Maxfield Parrish, alongside works on loan by major modern and contemporary artists, including Marcel Duchamp, Anselm Kiefer, Robert Rauschenberg, Kiki Smith, Cy Twombly. PDF

Dear friends,
I met Fabio Polvani, artist and writer, in Bologna in the mid nineties.
With other artists, we wrote a manifesto: Cartello'99. It was presented at the Biennale of Venice in 1999, thanks to the invitation of a very interesting Italian artist, Cesare Pietroiusti.
Based upon a rich cultural platform, Cartello '99 aimed at what now days seems insignificant: defending artists from hollowness and foolish marketing.
Fabio Polvani and Rossella Moratto, writer at Flash Art magazine, both founders of  Kammer Edizioni, have set up a group show with independent artists, old and young, mostly living in Bologna and Tuscany. Here is a passage from their press release:
? Can art be understood differently and expressed as a generative 'refundingâ'™ experience, an independent reality opposite to the incumbent collapse of the global financial system? (Kammer Edizioni, transtation by Catherine Bonanini).
On view also 4 pieces I painted on the ship Isolda crossing the Atlantic Ocean in 2012.
Enjoy !
Article by Emanuela Zanon, for the Italian art magazine Juliet, Sept 15 2014. LINK

- Hi there, here is director Hall Powell great contribution to the video installation: Nagia' Grom, remembering the First World War, June 2014. LINK

Here are some very good pix about my video installation for the World War 1 Centenary, on the Mount Nagia' Grom trench, near Trento in Italy. Photo and copyright by Sergio Buono. LINK

June 15th 2014, at 2PM,  video installation inside the Nagia' Grom World War 1 trench, near Rovereto, Italy:
Nagià Grom: ricordando la Prima Guerra Mondiale.
Videoinstallazione nella trincea austroungarica del monte Nagià Grom, Mori. PDF

Dear friends, 
I have asked myself whether remembering some brutal, bloody facts like the two World Wars, can still have a meaning in our life.
This year’s First World War centenary opens old wounds in Western culture that trigger a feeling of responsibility in me, compelling me to embrace the invitation of the Museo della Guerra in Rovereto as an opportunity to recall a conflict and many of the same conditions for war that exist today.
Next Sunday June 15 at 2PM, I will be in the Alps, on a mountain called Nagia' Grom in the alpine surroundings of Trento and the Lake Garda.
On this mountain, a World War 1 Austrian Hungarian trench has been open to the public for some years. Here, I will place a video installation that brings old memories alive, leaving subtle, faded traces of that war.
I thank director and screenwriter Hall Powell who directed the digital film Entrenched. Composer and pianist Marco Dalpane who will play his music with the accordion along the trench path. Photographer Sergio Buono and documentarist Micol Cossali will document the installation with film and photos of the event.
Best regards


April 18 2014. Part of my text from my old book Aftermath, 1995, Slam Edizioni, is now published in Italian and in English on the art and poetry magazine, Kammer ( issue #1) of Kammer Edizioni, a very prestigious cultural association and publisher from Italy.
I thank editor  Fabio Polvani, artist and poet, who sent me the link to the Kammer issue #1. LINK
Interventi   | Texts :
Sistema arte II: Esternalità di rete e brand-art, Chiara Behnder,
Dopo Aftermath, Vittoria Chierici,
Fenomenologia della bruttezza, dell'ovvietà e dell'attualità dell'arte, Piero Delmante,
A cosa servono gli artisti oggi?  Julia Kristeva , L’impertinenza del tatto, Micla Petrelli , per una nuova estetica dell’immagine
Diario estetico, Fabio Q. Polvani
Documenti | Documents:
Easy operette: Espansione, sviluppo e immobilità circolare del mercato… Attualismo e Horror pleni,
"La libertà l'artista non ce l'ha mai avuta!" Giancarlo Politi, Helena Kontova
| "Me l'ha consigliato un amico." Maurizio Cattelan | Vanessa Beecroft,  di L.B. (Maria Grazia Torri), Gianni Romano, Collezionare immagini, Fei Xinpei, Tre direzioni nell’arte cinese contemporanea, | Conversazione con Roberto Daolio, Su Costruire e distruggere R. A. Rozzi …


April 7 2014. The Italian mixed media artist, Vittoria Chierici has been following Liz Gerring Dance Company while rehearsing in New York. She has done several shootings, drawings and paintings focusing on Liz Gerring dance language and on contemporary dance in general.  In this particular set, Vittoria Chierici is showing LGDC dancers while rehearsing a new choreography. The location of these shootings are Westbeth artist community and the Baryshnikov Art Center. Both theaters are located in New York. These photos have been taken in fall 2013 and winter 2014. All these photos are covered by copyright: Vittoria Chierici 2014. All these photos are intended of being studies for the visual research about dance which Vittoria Chierici has been working on for years. See the LINK


March 2014. I just received the approval to spend most of 2015 winter, from January to March, at the Nes Artist Residency in Skagastrond, a village of 500 people in Northwest Iceland, not far from Groenland where I will eventually have the time to stop and painting ... with the spirit of Sir Ernest Shakleton !!! See the LINK


January 2014. Thank you for the text about my piece Kits published on the general catalog, Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Moderna & Maxxi. Le collezioni 1958-2008. Electa. PDF


December 2013. Inventario #8,  an article about Hands by F. M. Cataluccio.Check also my drawing on canvas, among the others. PDF


December 2013 - January 2014, Juliet Art Magazine  # 165, pp. 67 article of Emanuela Zanon about Vittoria Chierici's project: Sailing awat to Paint the Sea. PDF


December 23 2013.  Finissage of the exhibition Emphatism, from 6PM at Spazio 522 at 526 W 26th Street, New York, Suite 522. The film about Francesca Alinovi, Off - Identikit directed by Veronica Santi and produced by BBFilms will be projected during the party. A new video, Domenica 27 Ottobre 2013 - Collegamento Streaming Bologna - New York, also produced by BBfilms,will be on view that night. Have a look at this video in this link (and please, dial this password "emphatism" to be able to watch it). Thank you and enjoy.


December 15 2013. My painting Madonna Rossa will represent the 8th edition of the Alessandro Tassoni Prize, a major Italian prize for poets and writers organized at the University of Modena. My painting will be consigned to the winner, Mrs Giusi Nicolini, mayor of Lampedusa, the beautiful Sicilian island whose shores have become a tragic landing for many immigrants and war refugees. For more information about location and schedule, please have a look at the press release.


October 24 - December 5 2013. I will be in New York, at Space 522, 526 W 26th Street, 6 - 9 pm, to open a show curated by me and Veronica Santi with some of my paintings from the eighties along with other pieces from a movement of young Italian artists, the Enfatisti (Emphatism). This movement was founded in 1983 by art writer and historian Francesca Alinovi who died prematurely 30 years ago. See Press relase (New york and Mambo Bologna) and document

Enfatismo, 1983 - 2013 Venues
Neon,  art gallery, Bologna,  Italy,1983
Spazio 522, New York, 2013
Foto see Flickr

See Links:
Alberto Balletti
Juliet Art Magazine
Droste effect
Little constellation
radiocittA' fujiko
Segno Magazine
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Bologna in forma
Spazio 522


Interview by the Human Initiative, New York University, New york 2013. See the LINK


October 3 - November 7 2013, I have been invited to join a very interesting group show at the prestigious National Academy in New York.
The show will be entitled: On the Relativity of Distance (and some of its consequences): American and Italian Art, 1963-2013 and curated by Filippo Fossati and Maurizio Pellegrin. The show will be up in the Gechtoff and Faculty Galleries. Opening Reception scheduled on October 3rd, from 5:30 to 8 pm. National Academy Museum & School, 5 East 89th Street , New York, NY 10128. See the LINK


September 12 2013 I have been invited by Director Prof Jane Tylus, of  the New York University to talk about my painting after Leonardo Da Vinci, the Battle of Anghiari Green,  hanging at the Humanities Initiative, at 20 Cooper Place, 5th floor. RSVP


July 23 2013. One of my piece of the Coca Cola Classic series, 1989,  just left Bologna to get Rovereto, near Trento, to be in the collection of MART, one of the most prestigious art museum in Europe. See PDF


July 2013. A large painting, Battaglie e Specchi #2, will be permanently exhibited in the collection of the Modern Art Museum, Ca' La Ghironda which is a beautiful private museum (open to the public) located in the countryside near Bologna, Italy.

About my project Sailing away to Paint the Sea,  It has been just published on YouTube, The Great Circle, a film with music by Maurizio Pisati played by Elena Casoli, Manuel Zurria, among others see LINK


June  2013. Inventario, issue #7.  The International art & design magazine, will have a comprehensive article by Francesco Matteo Cataluccio about my last  show at Frigoriferi Milanesi of my new project, Sailing away to Paint the Sea.


May 14 2013. A letter from Princeton University, officially acknowledging my book, Battaglie, Skira, 2003, since now at the Art and Archeology Department library. See the LINK
May 2013, Marianne Boesky gallery has just published the book, Estate, a group show organized by the Italian gallery Lucie Fontaine last summer, 2012. In that show I exhibited the piece:  La mamma tra le stelle.


April 15 2013. Lecture at Princeton University by Prof. Martin Kemp, former dean at Trinity College, Oxford, UK and major scholar of Leonardo Da Vinci, who kindly presented also one of my painting on the Battle of Anghiari.


March 20, 2013, via Piacenza 14. at 10:30. Presentation of  Rose Blu, part of my  polittico, Rose, a large work of 3 sections, pigment and cloth on canvas, a collage that I realized in 1991 - 1992, whose single sections have been donated to different institutions and historical sites in Milano. Rose Blu has been donated to the Casa delle Donne Maltrattate (CADMI).


February 21 2013. From 6 pm in via Castiglione 4, Bologna:  a special evening to present my project Sailing away to paint the Sea with the collaboration of Cultura Italiana. See JPG


February 7 , 8 , 9 10, 2013.  My solo show - special event at the art space Frigoriferi Milanesi, in Milano, directed by the Italian writer Francesco  Matteo Cataluccio. The show will present all my paintings which have been purchased in advance by friends and collectors to support my project, Sailing Away to Paint the Sea. During the show will be also premiered a short documentary about my journey edited by David Roy with music by Charles Edmond Briggs.


October 18 - November 18, 2012. New York, Sailing Away to Paint the Sea: solo show at Stephen B. Luce library, at SUNY Maritime College, of 30 and more paintings of the special, variable edition after the project, Voglio viaggiare su una Nave per Dipingere il Mare. I thank the Stephen B. Luce library director Constantia Constantinou and friend Lisa Dunn who helped me to make this unique event possible. See the beautiful interview by Francesca Tarantino, on la Voce di New York see LINK