I would like to thank all the artists, painters, composers, dancers, coreographers who helped me along these years to realize some of my projects. In particular: Liz Gerring and all the wonderful dancers of her company;  Ana Milosavljevic, violinist and composer; Yuko Takebe, film maker and director, I wish my best to the Australian poet and song writer Charles Edmond Briggs and to film maker and producer David Roy. I am grateful to the composers Eve Beglarian and Maurizio Pisati for their precious participation; to the art writers Alain Chivilo' and Emanuela Zanon whose essays have enriched the knowledge of my projects. Special regards to my friends Ian Jenkins and Mandy Kirschner who helped me to develop my ideas and to the poet Pina Piccolo who translated all the texts from Italian into English. Most of my works have been photographed by Sergio Buono. I am grateful to Jurgen Becker for the photos regarding my show in Milano, at Frigoriferi Milanesi, in 2013. My experience as an artist has been possible for the intelligence of very good friends such as Pasquale Alferj, Dario Trento, Corrado Levi, Beppe Finessi,  Emi ligabue, Ivo Bonacorsi, Dina Bara and many others who are quoted in this site.

I am pleased to present web designer Andrés David Carrara, who, finally, gave a form to my art. 

Vittoria Chierici, 2013
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